Botched Collection

Coming Soon

Introducing the first handmade of the Botched Collection, the Spiced Melanin Botched Straight Legged Pants

The Botch Collection are handmades created by combining different colored yarns together to create clothing organized in a fun botched up way.

Collection lauching May 1st 2023.

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New Arrival: The Comfy Cozi Sweater

Funny story, I wore this piece to a dear friend of mine Friendsgiving get together and my friend told me she liked the sweater I had on... Long story short, the sweater is hanging up in her closet! She is always talking about how comfy and cozy (cozi) the sweater is.

Her middle name happens to be Cozina (cozi), so i decided to dedicate this sweater to her!

Love you sister <3

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Comfy and Cozi